Glasses from the "& friends" line embody a sophisticated and discreetly fashionable appearance.

They appeal to stylish men and women in different phases of life who prefer a quieter appearance. They emphasise your outfit with glasses with discreet temple decorations or classic shapes in distinctive colours.

Our current "Black Forest & friends®" creations

BFF5013 B

BFF5013 G

BFF 5013 S

BFF5013 V

BF071 B

BF071 M

BF071 S

BFF5035 B

BFF5035 G

BFF5035 P

BFF5035 S

BFF5012 B

BFF5012 G

BFF5012 S

BFF5012 V

BFF5016 G

BFF5016 M

BFF5016 R

BFF5016 S

BF080 B

BF080 G

BF080 T

BF080 V

BF079 B

BF079 G

BF079 S

BF079 V

BFF5025 M

BFF5025 R

04F1001 B

04F1001 G

04F1001 S

66F619 B

66F619 G

66F619 S

BFF5032 B

BFF5032 M

BFF5032 P

03F597 G

03F597 M

03F597 P

03F597 R

BF040 B

BF040 G

BF040 M

BF040 T

BF028 C

BF028 M

BF028 S

BFF5028 B

BFF5028 G

BFF5028 M

79F963 B

79F963 C

79F963 E

79F963 G

79F963 M

BFF5023 B

BFF5023 O

BFF5023 R

BFF5023 V

79F966 B

79F966 G

79F966 P

79F966 S

79F966 V

65F6003 B

65F6003 G

65F6003 S

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