The "& friends" line stands for sporty and also striking frames.

With their fashionable accents and often sporty statement, the young unisex glasses suit many different personalities.

And especially men with striking and large faces will find the right accessory under "& friends".

Our current "Black Forest & friends®" creations

BFA1017 C - cystal

BFA1017 G - grey

BFA1017 M - brown

 BFF5076 G - blue/gold

BFF5076 R - blue/red

BFF5076 V - grey/green

BFF5074 B - blue/orange

BFF5074 R - blue/red

BFF5074 S - black/brown

BFF5074 V - green/grey

BFF5071 B - blue/grey

BFF5071 R - grey/red

BFF5071 T - green/turquoise

BFF5071 V - blue/green

BFF5055 B - blue/grey

BFF5055 M - grey/blue

BFF5055 R - black/red

BFF5055 S - black/silver

BFF5053 B - blue/grey

BFF5053 G - grey/silver

BFF5053 S - black/silver

BFF5053 T - turquoise/grey

BFF5077 O - blue/orange

BFF5077 R - black/red

BFF5077 V - blue/green

BFF5078 B - black/blue

BFF5078 M - blue/brown

BFF5078 R - blue/red

BFF5078 V - grey/green

BFF5034 M - black/brown

BFF5034 S - black/white

BFF5034 V - green

BFF5034 C - black/blue

BFF5034 N - blue/grey

BFF5057 B - blue/brown

BFF5057 G - grey/brown

BFF5080 B - blue/turquoise

BFF5080 S - black/brown

BFF5080 T - turquoise/grey

BFF5080 V - green/brown

BF058 B - blue/grey

BF058 C - blue

BF058 M - brown

BFF5068 B - blue/silver

BFF5068 G  - grey/silver

BFF5068 R - blue/red

BFF5068 V - grey/green

BFF5063 B - grey/blue

BFF5063 O - orange/turquoise

BFF5063 V - yellow/green

BFF5062 B - blue/silver

BFF5062 G - grey/silver

BFF5062 V - black/green

79F950 B - blue

79F950 M - brown

79F950 R - red

79F950 S - black

BFF5050 G - grey/blue

BFF5050 R - blue/red

BFF5050 S - black/silver

BFF5050 V - grey/green

BFF5030 B - blue/turquoise

BFF5030 G - black/grey

BFF5030 R - black/red

BFF5030 V - grey/green

BF071 B - blue mottled and brown

BF071 M - black brown and blue

BF071 S - black and white

BF079 B - dark blue

BF079 G - grey blue

BF079 S - black

BF079 V - dark green

04F1001 B - dark blue and red

04F1001 G - grey and ice blue

04F1001 S - black and blue

BFF5032 B - blue and black

BFF5032 M - brown and black

BFF5032 P - pink and black

BF028 C - dark blue and cognac

BF028 M - brown and light brown

BF028 S - black and white mottled

BFF5028 G - grey

BFF5028 M - brown

79F963 B - blue and grey

79F963 C - brown and grey

79F963 E - rose and black

79F963 G - grey and blue

79F963 M - brown and grey

BFF5023 B - grey antique and blue

BFF5023 V - grey antique and green

BFF5023 N - blue/silver

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