The name "marion" is a tribute to the company founder Marion Ramm, who herself was a passionate wearer of decorative glasses.

This line stands for extremely elegant models in shape and style. The frames are partly equipped with decorative elements, which give the glasses a touch of luxury.


This is for ladies who want timeless, feminine eyewear for prestigious occasions and as an additional piece of jewellery in their clothing ensemble.

Our current "Black Forest marion®" creations

BFM7023 G - grey/rosegold

BFM7023 L - purple/rosegold

BFM7023 M - brown/gold

BFM7023 W - white/gold

BFM7026 G - grey/rosegold

BFM7026 R - red/rosegold

BFM7026 T - turquoise/rosegold

BFM7021 A - grey/blue

BFM7021 L - red/purple

BFM7021 P - pink/blue

BFM7021 T - turquoise/brown

BFM7022 G - grey/rose

BFM7022 L - purple/rose

BFM7022 R - pink/black

BFM7022 T - turquoise/brown

BFM7020 B - blue

BFM7020 M - brown/rosegold

BFM7014 B - blue/silver

BFM7014 G - grey/rosegold

BFM7014 M - red/gold

BFM7014 S - black/rosegold

BFM7015 B - blue/white

BFM7015 G - grey/rose

BFM7015 M - brown/orange

BFM7019 B - green/gold

BFM7019 R - red/rosegold

BFM7004 B - blue and silver

BFM7004 P - pink/rosegold

03F5009 G - grey und rose gold

03F5009 M - brown and gold

03F5009 R - red and rose gold

03F5009 S - black and rose gold

BFM7007 B - blue and silver

BFM7007 E - brown and rose gold

BFM7007 G - grey and rose gold

BFM7007 P - aubergine and rose gold

43F925 E - cognac brown and rose gold

43F925 P - light aubergie and gold

43F925 W - white and gold

43F925 G - grey and rose gold

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