Frames from "on air" are expressive, always highly fashionable in shape and colour and perfectly reflect the spirit of the times.

This line is mainly preferred by young people who do not allow boredom to arise and who rate fashion trends higher than fit and aesthetics. For them, the glasses are a clear commitment to the here and now.

Our current "Black Forest on air®" creations

BFA1036 O

BFA1036 B

BFA1036 P

BFA1036 T

BFA1004 A

BFA1004 B

BFA1004 G

BFA1004 M

BFA1011 G

BFA1011 M

BFA1011 R

BFA1002 G

BFA1002 O

BFA1002 S

BFA1005 B

BFA1005 G

BFA1005 E

BFA1005 R

BF076 E

BF076 P

BF076 V

BF076 G

BF076 S

BFA1006 B

BFA1006 E

BFA1006 M

BFA1003 B

BFA1003 G

BFA1003 O

BFA1003 R

BF073 E

BF073 O

BF054 A

BF054 E

BF054 O

BF054 B

BF072 B

BF072 G

BF072 P

BF072 S

BFA1008 G

BFA1008 R

BFA1008 S

BF062 G

BF062 S

BF062 T

BFA1037 G

BFA1037 M

BFA1037 R

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