Frames from "on air" are expressive, always highly fashionable in shape and colour and perfectly reflect the spirit of the times.

This line is preferred by self-confident women who are not bored and like to set fashion accents. For them, the glasses are a clear commitment to the here and now.

Our current "Black Forest on air®" creations

BFF5061 B - blue/white/silver

BFF5061 G - grey/turquoise/rosegold

BFF5061 R - red/rosegold

BFF5060 B - blue

BFF5060 M - brown/blue

BFF5045 G - grey/rose

BFF5045 M - brown/blue

BFF5045 R - red/black

BFF5042 R - red

BFF5042 S - black

BFF5038 B - blue/purple

BFF5038 V - green/gold

BFF5032 B - blue and black

BFF5032 M - brown and black

BFF5032 P - pink and black

BFA1082 B - blue/brown

BFA1082 R- red/black

BFA1082 T - blue/turquoise

BFA1082 V - brown/green

BFA1030 B - blue

BFA1030 G- grey/rose

BFA1030 O - blue/orange

BFA1030 R - red/blue

BFA1031 B - blue/orange

BFA1031 R - red/black

BFA1031 S - black/white/red

BFA1031 T - turquoise/pink

BFA1026 P - pink/blue

BFA1026 R- red/black

BFA1026 T - blue/turquoise

BFA1026 V - green/brown

BFA1023 M - brown/blue

BFA1023 R - red/black

BFA1023 T - blue/red

BFA1023 V - green/brown

BFA1032 L - grey/purple

BFA1032 O - blue/orange

BFA1032 R - grey/red

BFA1032 T - blue/turquoise

BFA1081 B - blue

BFA1081 E - red/rose

BFA1081 O - havanna/orange

BFA1081 R - grey/red

BFA1041 B - blue/havanna

BFA1041 M - blue/brown

BFA1041 R - black/red

BFA1041 S - black/havanna

BFA1080 B - blue

BFA1080 G - grey/black

BFA1080 M - brown/havanna

BFA1080 R - red

BFA1020 C - crystal/black

BFA1020 R - crystal/red

BFA1020 S - black

BFA1020 V - blue/green

BFA1021 C - crystal

BFA1021 R - red/blue

BFA1025 G - grey/brown

BFA1025 R - red/blue

BFA1025 S - black/brown

BFA1022 M - brown/gold

BFA1022 R- red/rosegold

BFA1022 S - black/havanna/gold

BFA1012 A - grey

BFA1012 R - red

BFA1011 G - grey blue and rose gold

BFA1011 M - brown and gold

BF054 A - silver with red upper rim

BF054 E - rose gold with white upper rim

BF054 O - gold with black upper rim

BF054 B - silver with blue upper rim

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