Heading for the sun with a difference

Sunglasses from BLACK FOREST enchant with a sophisticated play of colours, high-quality materials and pleasing shapes.


Whether eye-catching cateyes made of high-quality acetate or popular classics such as aviator sunglasses made of stainless steel, you will find the perfect sun protection for your eyes for young and old.

Our current "Black Forest sunshine®" creations

BF858 A - grey/brown

BF858 G - grey/brown

BF858 M - havanna/brown

BF858 T - turquoise/grey

BF863 G - grey/brown

BF863 M - brown

BF863 S - black/white

BF886 C - black/crystal

BF886 O - black/orange/grey

BF886 R - black/red/grey

BF886 T - havanna/turquoise/brown

BF886 V - havanna/turquoise

BF847 D - havanna

BF847 N- black/havanna

BF847 V - havanna/turquoise

BF856 M - brown

BF856 S - black

BF856 V - green/turquoise

BF893 P - grey/pink

BF893 R - havanna/red

BF893 V - havanna/green

BF894 C - havanna/crystal

BF894 R - havanna/red

BF894 V - havanna/grün

BF891 D - brown

BF891 H - havanna

BF891 S - black

BF889 B - blue

BF889 M - brown

BF889 P - pink

BF890 B - blue/grey

BF890 C - braun/beige

BF890 M - brown/havanna

BF890 R - red

BF848 CV - brown

BF848 G - grey

BF848 H - havanna

BF848 V - green

BF888 C - crystal

BF888 M - brown

BF887 M - havanna/brown

BF887 W - black/white

BF857 M - havanna/brown

BF857 N - black

BF870 G - gold

BF870 M - gold/brown

BF870 V - rosegold

BF869 B - blue/brown

BF869 E - rose/brown

BF869 S - havanna/black

BF869 T - turquoise/grey

BF872 D - havanna

BF872 H - havanna/brown

BF872 P - pink/red

BF882 M - brown

BF882 R - red

BF882 S - black/grey

BF881 B - blue/brown

BF881 E - rose/brown

BF881 S - black/havanna

BF883 R - rot/pink

BF883 S - black/white

BF845 E - brown and gold

BF845 G - grey and gold

BF845 S - black and rose gold

BF859 H - havana

BF859 S - black

BF862 C - brown transparent

BF862 J - yellow transparent, lenses yellow gold mirrored

BF862 P - berry transparent

BF862 V - green transparent

BF853 S - black

BF853 V - dark green

BF853 C - crystal/brown

07/720 B - dark blue and red

07/720 G - grey and blue

07/720 S - black and grey

BF846 R - black with red stripe

BF846 S - black with white stripe

BF846 W - black and white striped

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