Heading for the sun with a difference

Sunglasses from BLACK FOREST enchant with a sophisticated play of colours, high-quality materials and pleasing shapes.


Whether eye-catching cateyes made of high-quality acetate or popular classics such as aviator sunglasses made of stainless steel, you will find the perfect sun protection for your eyes for young and old.

Our current "Black Forest sunshine®" creations

BFA1013 G + BFA1013 C1

BFA1013 O + BFA1013 C2

BFA1013 W + BFA1013 C3

BF845 E

BF845 G

BF845 W

BF845 S

BF860 E

BF860 S

BF860 W

BF848 C

BF848 D

BF848 G

BF848 V

07-724 E

07-724 M

BF854 B

BF854 G

BF854 M

BF854 S

BF859 H

BF859 S

BF862 C

BF862 J

BF862 P

BF862 V

92-775 B

92-775 G

92-775 M

92-775 R

92-775 S

92-775 W

BF856 B

BF856 G

BF856 M

BF856 S

07-722 S

BF825 E

BF825 G

BF825 O

BF853 M

BF853 S

BF853 V

07-720 B

07-720 G

07-720 S

BF846 R

BF846 S

BF846 W

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