The "urban chic" line stands for aesthetic essence, focusing on classic shapes in both retro and trendy colours that are constantly reinterpreted.

The wearers of these glasses value a cool, timeless and creative image, whose glasses reflect their philosophy of life.

Our current "Black Forest urban chic®" creations

P30 B

P30 G

P30 M

P30 V

BFC3002 B

BFC3002 S

BFC3002 V

BFC3001 E

BFC3001 O

BFC3009 G

BFC3009 M

BFC3009 V

BFC3008 C

BFC3008 G

BFC3008 V

BFC3006 B

BFC3006 G

BFC3006 S

BFC3005 B

BFC3005 G

BFC3005 M

P20 C

P20 E

P20 M

BFC3003 B

BFC3003 G

BFC3003 V

P16 G

P16 M

P16 S

P24 C

P24 E

P24 G

P24 M

P29 R

P29 T

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