Unique eyewear design since 1972

  • The company was founded by Marion Ramm, the name giver and founder of the company, and her 23-year-old daughter "Anneke ", today's managing director.

  • Initially, customers were fashion boutiques and perfumeries who were enthusiastic about unusual sunglasses.

  • At a fashion fair in Nice, Marion Ramm discovers the young design talent "Alain Mikli", who is known to be a great success story.

  • Son "Klaus Peter" joins the company and the GmbH is founded.
    The first prescription frames are added to the collection.

  • Marion Ramm is the first company to offer metal sunglasses with rhinestones on the lenses. Production in Germany can hardly keep up with the enormous demand.

  • There is a trend reversal in the market, also for frames "away from pure visual aids to fashionable accessories". This is the start for Marion Ramm to help shape this segment with her fashion affinity.

  • Marion Ramm retires from active professional life; the company is continued in her spirit by her two children.

  • Klaus Peter Ramm retires from management. In the same year, the 3rd generation joins the company – Cathrin Mordelt, Anneke Ramm-Mordelt's daughter.

  • Cathrin Mordelt launches the now very successful young "Black Forest" fashion label.

  • The BLACK FOREST brand is transferred to the entire product range.

  • Cathrin Mordelt is appointed to the management board.

  • Marion Ramm is celebrating her 50th anniversary.