Half-glasses from the "view" line make a clear statement and are available in many classic and fashionable designs.

As these glasses are only worn for a limited time, extravagant colour effects can be used to brighten the mood.


This product line was created for men and women of different ages and tastes who value reading glasses with high-quality, individually fitted lenses from their optician.

Our current "Black Forest view®" creations

BFV9013 B - blue/red

BFV9013 M - brown/orange

BFV9013 T - blue/turquoise

BFV9013 W - black/white

92F57 J - blue/green

92F57 N - black/blue

92F57 R - blue/red

92F57 S - black

BFV9014 B - blue/turquoise

BFV9014 R - black/red

BFV9014 S - black/green

BFV9014 V - green/brown

BFV9011 B - blue

BFV9011 L - pink/red

BFV9011 P - grey/pink

BFV9011 R - red/black

BFV9006 A - blue/silver

BFV9006 B - black/blue

BFV9006 M - brown/blue

BFV9006 S - black/silver

BFV9010 B - blue/silver

BFV9010 E - red/rose

BFV9010 M - purple/brown

BFV9010 P - grey/pink

BFV9005 G - grey/blue

BFV9005 H - havanna/blue

BFV9005 S - balck/crystal

53F890 B - dark blue and red

53F890 G - grey and silver

53F890 S - black and blue

53F890 T - turquoise and silver

53F877 G - dark grey mottled

53F877 S - black matte

53F879 G - grey

53F879 N - blue/red

53F879 T - green/turquoise

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